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Freelance developer with practical experience in project management and a marketing background.

Hi! I'm Hana, and I'm a freelance developer, marketing, and manager.

I love all kinds of video games, manga (Japanese comics), anime, and cosplay. I especially like Japanese culture because it's so unique and interesting.

I also love how much you can learn about other cultures by watching anime or reading manga--it makes me want to learn more about other countries and their cultures.

This role got me involved in the design of the company website, with particular attention to the user experience... and I liked it so much I decided to learn how to make visually appealing and functional websites!

I am working as an IT support specialist. I have been working in this field for the last 2 years and have learned a lot about computers, internet, etc. I am very good at providing technical support for computer users..

I also share people artwork and cosplay to another platform free and give credit information about artists or cosplayer

Nice to meet you!

Lily Arch

What am I doing

  • Front-End Dev
  • Back-End Dev
  • Marketing
  • Data Management
  • Analyst Community
  • Manager


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Email: [email protected]